Companionship isn't always easy to find. The good news is that in Munich, we are committed to helping people over the age of 18 enjoy themselves in City.

Dating is complicated. Many people visit Munich on their own for business or pleasure. During their time in town, they want to go to the club or to a business dinner. However, they don't want to do it alone. Calling an escort is the simplest solution available. It is possible to spend time with a sexy woman who cannot wait to spend quality time with you.

We operate as a business in the escort industry. Over the years, we have managed to acquire many beautiful women, all of them over the age of 18. Every woman chooses to become an escort and loves to meet new people. All escorts are positively open-minded, open-minded, and lovely girls. Additionally, many enjoy meeting men, women, and couples.

We have worked hard to offer reasonable rates and a steady selection of gorgeous and charming women. This has also resulted in a high repeat customer rate. We listen to our customers' needs to continuously improve.

The escort industry is alive and well in Munich, Germany It is a highly regulated industry. Outcall Promoters and Artists. An escort, otherwise referred to as a call girl, is known as the person available for hire. In exchange for money, you will accompany or escort the customer to public or private places.

who are we
Munich is a constantly evolving agency that offers women companionship at all levels. Our customers book for us when they want someone to spend time with. Clients can include men, women, and spouses. We often offer adult entertainment for stag parties and other outdoor fun events.

We provide a business model that includes obtaining an Outcall Entertainment referral service that allows us to provide non-sexual referrals to escorts for a set fee. This protects all of our clients because women will operate within the standards of the law.

Our fees are determined by what the escort wants to charge her time in addition to the referral fees we charge.

We are not a marketing ploy. We do not use bait-and-switch technologies nor do we use cards and flyers on The Strip to promote our services. We do not charge when utilities arrive. Instead, we adhere to all laws in the state by ensuring there is a written contract between the client and the utility / agency before the attendant arrives.

The women were examined and made necessary. Moreover, the resumes provided are the real deal.

When you book with us, you can count on us to provide you with the best possible experience.

Provides escorts in Munich
Availability of facilities depends on several factors. The agencies will generally maintain a dozen of women on staff. These are the carefully selected women after placing the ads. All the women who appeared in Munich are original. This means that we are using real photos of real women. All women are interviewed to make sure that they are flirty and sexy to provide an overall better experience.

A wide range of features are available to ensure the agency can meet the desires of anyone and everyone. This includes women of European descent. Moreover, there are blonde, brunette, and red-haired women. Some women are tall and others are curvaceous. Some are bankrupt and some are not. Clients are allowed to choose the woman of their dreams so that they can live out some of their fantasies.

Availability depends on the day and time, the number of women available, as well as any desired services. Some clients will ask for a woman who can dance, who can provide a massage or some other service. As such, it will be essential to define the characteristics you want in a woman. We will then work on finding the outdoor entertainment you want.

Our requirements as an escort agency
As an agency from Munich for everyone in Germany. We have a business, and all of our employees are also known as business cards.

As an escort company we also have a established business website and pay the fees on a regular basis. We also have a written contract with each of our clients that clearly states various details:

Services to be performed
The number of hours of services
The total amount of money to be paid
Special terms or conditions related to the services provided
It is important to note that as a legal business, we provide companionship to our clients throughout Munich. It is legal to rent an escort in Munich. Contracting with a companion includes escorting a man, woman, couple, or group to a business dinner, cocktail party, or any other social function (or within private places). However, the rental of a companion does not involve sexual relations. It is against the law to use a sex companion service.


Prostitution renting facilities
There is a big difference between using a facility versus prostitution. Unfortunately, the streak sometimes becomes blurred as a result of what people assume.

It is legal to contract with a companion in Germany. Prostitution is legal in some provinces of Germany.
Accompaniment is a request for companionship from a person in exchange for money. Prostitution is where money is exchanged for sex.

Understanding the different legal aspects of contacting an escort and agency will make it easier for you to follow the law. Correspondence to an escort

Texting an escort is not a crime. In fact, many agencies will provide you with a number to be able to text a companion so that you feel comfortable with her before meeting her. In addition, you can make some requests for her, such as the clothes she will wear.

If you text her asking for a time to meet, she will specify the rates charged. The application itself will then be routed through the agency.

If you text a companion requesting sex, it is illegal. The language used and the context of the conversation is what makes it legal as opposed to illegal. You must understand that any texts or SMS messages can be admissible in court as evidence.

Having sex with an escort
Paying for sex or sexual relations is against the law in Clark County. This means you can hire an escort to accompany you to an event or invite her to your personal accommodations, such as a hotel room. However, if you do have sex with her while being paid as an escort, that is identified as prostitution.

Solicitation (asking for sexual favors) is illegal, just like prostitution. This means that even though you may be in the company of a beautiful woman, you cannot ask her for any sexual favors while you are with her. This is when a written contract comes into effect. It limits the hours you spend with an escort. If sex occurs during those times with a companion, then it is considered to have sex with her for money, which is illegal.

If any activities of a sexual nature occurred outside the time the facilities were booked without exchanging money, this will be determined as an unpaid encounter that takes place between two consenting adults.

Prostitution penalties
There are penalties for seduction and prostitution in Germany. All of this is covered in NRS 201.320, which falls into Chapter 201, Crimes Against Public Decency and Good Morals.

Usually the prostitution charge is a misdemeanor that can be posted with a fine of up to $ 1,000 and imprisonment of up to six months. If there is a minor involved, it becomes a felony, which can lead to years in prison. This is also the reason why agencies will only provide escorts for someone who is at least 18 years old and why all women are at least 18 years old.

What do you expect when you call us
There is no fee to inquire about a companion. Fees are for outcall services of a non-sexual nature. Prices are generally calculated by the hour, with one hour being the minimum.

Hourly rates vary based on each escort's fee independently of each other, as well as any additional services that may be provided. A fee for escort service is usually charged in the range of € 200 to refer the call to one or more escorts.

Prices are often lowered when booking multiple hours.

Determining the agency's reputation is critical. At Munich, we strive to provide the best possible experience. This is why our clients continue to rely on us for companionship. We also ensure that all legal aspects are observed so that you provide peace of mind.


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